A Rundown of Casino and Gambling Myths

With the amount of money at stake and millions of players worldwide, there’s no wonder there are numerous stories flying about, but don’t believe the folklore you hear from others. We’re giving you a rundown of popular casino and gambling myths and debunking a few, too.

Truth or myth?

1. “Games Are Rigged”

Perhaps one of the biggest, and most harmful, myths out there is that all games are rigged. If you’re going to a shady, underground betting shop or casino, then you may want to keep your wits about you. However, in reputable casinos, both online and offline, the games will be fair.

In fact, all licensed casinos in the UK are required to follow the guidelines of the UK Gambling Commission, with many of them put in place to keep all games open for the win. In short, this means they will be unable to prevent you from winning any jackpots.

2. “If You Play For Long Enough, You’ll Eventually Win”

When it comes to games of chance, many people believe that the longer they play, the more likely it is that they are due a win. Individuals may find themselves on a ‘losing streak’ and continue playing because the chances are that there must be a win coming their way. However, this is not true.

Each and every game is in its own statistical bubble. The results of previous games will not skew these statistics and it does not matter whether it’s your first game of the ninth, tenth, or hundredth.

3. “You Can’t Win the Jackpot if it’s Just Been Won”

Much like the previous point, many people think that there is no use playing a game if the jackpot has just been won. Individuals will often be put off from joining in the next round of a game after someone has just won big or will hover around machines that haven’t paid out in a while, in the hopes of being able to take home all the cash - but these strategies won’t help you to win a jackpot.

For instance, if you’re playing a game with a dice, the dice has no recollection of what has been rolled before. This means there is no disadvantage of playing immediately after a large amount of money has been won on the game.

4. “It’s All Down to Luck”

While this is true for some casino games, like slots, where you have no control over the result, it is not true for all. For card games, like blackjack or poker, you can learn different strategies and the most successful course of play in order to increase your odds of winning. Games that need an element of skill will mean they are not down to luck, but the player’s own ability.

As a response to many casino and gambling myths, don’t believe all you see in the movies. In order to set yourself in the best possible position for a win, you can invest time into really researching the game, playing styles and practising.