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The Privy Council Office has adopted the six service standards for central government departments.  These standards are commonly known within Government as Service 1st.   

We will:

1. answer letters (and this includes faxes & e-mails) quickly and clearly.  We aim to answer letters from Members of Parliament within 15 working days; and from members of the public within 20 working days

2. see you within 10 minutes of any appointment you have made 

3. answer your telephone calls quickly and helpfully.  We aim to answer your call within 3 rings
4. provide you with clear and straightforward information about our services and those of related providers, along with one or more telephone enquiry numbers and e-mail addresses to help you or put you in touch with someone who can

5. publicise our complaints procedure (including on this website) and send you information about it if you ask

6. do everything reasonably possible to make our services available to everyone, including people with special needs. We will consult users and potential users regularly about the service we provide and report on the result



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