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Index of 2008 Judgments

Note: Judgments in devolution cases are separately listed at the end of this index.          


No. Case names Origin Date of Judgment
1. Jeff Eaton v. Birthram Johnston (Appeal No 76 of 2006) and Birthram Johnston v. Jeff Eaton (Appeal No.38 of 2006)  The Cayman Islands 14th January 2008
2. Christopher Richard Oakley v. (1) Osiris Trustees Limited (2) Goodways Limited (3) De Montfort Securities Limited (Appeal No.49 of 2006)  The Isle of Man 14th January 2008
3. (1) Monica Plummer (Administratrix of the Estate of the late Trevor John James) (2) Monica Plummer (tutrix of the children of the said Trevor John James) v. (1) Conway Bay Limited (2) Sandy Bay Limited (Appeal No.81 of 2006) Saint Lucia 14th January 2008
4. David Robert Zeller v. British Caymanian Insurance Company Limited (Appeal No.44 of 2006)  Cayman Islands 16th January 2008
5. (1) Commissioner of Police (2) Attorney General v. (1) Bermuda Broadcasting Co. Ltd (2) Bermuda Press Holdings Limited (3) Defontes Press Holdings Co. Ltd (4) Bermuda Sun Ltd (5) Defontes Broadcasting Television Ltd  (Appeal No.48 of 2007)   Bermuda

29th October 2007

Reasons Given 23rd January 2008

6. Beverley Levy v. Ken Sales Marketing Ltd (Appeal No.87 of 2006) Jamaica 24th January 2008
7. Aquachem Ltd v. (1) Delphis Bank Ltd (in receivership) (2) The First City Bank (3) V. Mohadeb (Appeal No.92 of 2005) Mauritius 24th January 2008
 8. Benoit Leriche v. Francis Maurice (Appeal No.25 of 2004) Saint Lucia 30th January 2008
9. Edward Seaga v. Leslie Harper (Appeal No.90 of 2006) Jamaica 30th January 2008

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company Limited v. (1) Public Utilities Commission (2) System Resource Group Limited (Appeal No.19 of 2007)

The Bahamas 12th February 2008
11. (1) Leslie Pipersburgh (2) Patrick Robateau v. The Queen (Appeal No.96 of 2006) Belize 21st February 2008
12. Coprim Ltee v. Yves Menage (Appeal No.42 of 2006) Mauritius 21st February 2008
13. (1) David Hague (2) PriceWaterhouseCoopers v. Nam Tai Electronics (Appeal No.77 of 2006) British Virgin Islands

21st January 2008

Reasons Given 21st February 2008

14. Donald King Knight v. The Attorney General of the Cayman Islands (Appeal No.89 of 2006) The Cayman Islands 25th February 2008
15. (1) Thomas Townsend (2) Therese Townsend (deceased) v. Persistence Holdings Limited (Appeal No.13 of 2007) British Virgin Islands Wednesday 05th March 2008
16. Lester Pitman v. The State (Appeal No.89 of 2005) Trinidad and Tobago 03rd March 2008
17. James F Walker v. Susan Lundborg (Appeal No. 79 of 2006) The Bahamas 06th March 2008
18. Angelo Cerisola (a child, by this litigation friend Maria Cerisola) v. Her Majesty's Attorney General for Gibraltar (Appeal No.22 of 2007) Gibraltar 06th March 2008
19. Dominica Social Security Board v. (1) Nature Island Investment Company Limited (2) Marpin Telecoms and Broadcasting Company Ltd (Appeal No.45 of 2006) Dominica 02nd April 2008
20. Dr John Alan Walker v. The Royal College of Veterninary Surgeons (Appeal No.16 of 2007) The Disciplinary Committee of the RCVS

21st November 2007

Reasons Given 03rd April 2008

21. Muriel Lawrence v. Edna Poorah (Deceased by Representative of her Estate Tim Poorah) (and Shirley Poorah appointed to represent the Estate of Edna Poorah) (Appeal No.88 of 2006) Trinidad and Tobago

06th March 2008

Reasons Given 03rd April 2008

22. Quincy Todd v. The Queen (Appeal No.95 of 2006) The Bahamas 08th April 2008
23. Parmalat Capital Finance Ltd and others v. (1) Food Holdings Ltd (in liquidation) (2) Dairy Holdings Ltd (in liquidation) (Appeal No.7 of 2007) The Cayman Islands 09th April 2008
24. Basdeo Panday v. Senior Superintendent Wellington Virgil (Appeal No. 50 of 2007) Trinidad and Tobago 09th April 2008
25. Horace Fraser v. (1) Judicial and Legal Services Commission (2) The Attorney General (Appeal No. 116 of 2006) Saint Lucia 06th May 2008
26. Victor Lowe v. National Insurance Bank of Jamaica (Appeal No.47 of 2007) Jamaica

02nd April 2008

Reasons Given 06th May 2008

27. Francis Young v. The State (Appeal No.66 of 2006) Trinidad and Tobago 06th May 2008
28. Teerathraj Maharaj v. The State (Appeal No.5 of 2008) Trinidad and Tobago

03rd April 2008

Reasons Given 08th May 2008

29. Director of Public Prosecutions of the Virgin Islands v. William Penn (Appeal No.1 of 2008) British Virgin Islands 08th May 2008

Arnold Huggins, Leslie Huggins and Junior Phillip v. The State
(Appeals No.39, 25 and 55 of 2006)

Trinidad and Tobago 09th June 2008
31. Mon Tresor and Mon Desert Limited v. (1) Ministry of Housing and Lands (2) Board of Assessment (Appeal No.92 of 2006)
Mauritius 09th June 2008
32. Elaine Knowles v. George Knowles as Executor and Beneficiary of the Estate of Oliver Knowles, deceased (Appeal No.28 of 2007) Antigua and Barbuda 09th June 2008
33. David Leo Thompson v. The Bermuda Dental Board and The Human Rights Commissioners (Appeal No.8 of 2007) Bermuda 09th June 2008
34. Nyron Smith v. The Queen (Appeal No.102 of 2006) Jamaica 23rd June 2008
35. Richard Dale Maye v. The Queen (Appeal No.104 of 2006) Jamaica 01st July 2008
36. Benoit Leriche v. Leon Cherry (Appeal No.14 of 2007) Saint Lucia 01st July 2008
37. Roger F.P. de Boucherville v. The State of Mauritius (Appeal No.70 of 2007) Mauritius 09th July 2008
38. Kenneth Suratt & Others v. The Attorney General of Trinidad & Tobago (Appeal No.84 of 2006) Trinidad and Tobago 21st July 2008
39. John Brennand Williams v. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (Appeal No.92 of 2007) The Disciplinary Committee of the RCVS 28th July 2008

Gerald Muirhead v. The Queen (Appeal No.103 of 2006)

Jamaica 28th July 2008
41. Ashram Neeranjan v. Caribbean Ispat Limited & Phillip Hazel v. Reed Monza Trinidad Limited (Appeal No.4 & 64 of 2007) Trinidad and Tobago 30th July 2008
42. Angela Inniss v. The Attorney General of Saint Christopher & Nevis (Appeal No.29 of 2007) Saint Christopher & Nevis 30th July 2008
43. The Raphael Fishing Company Limited v. (1)The State of Mauritius & (2)Marie Louis Robert Talbot (Appeal No.54 of 2006) Mauritius 30th July 2008
44. Treldon Connell v. Claribelle Connell (by her duly constituted attorney on record Marissa Creese) & Treldon Connell v. Marcelle Alexander Findlay (Appeal No.21 & 68 of 2006) Saint Vincent & The Grenadines 13th October 2008
45. Ritoodoise Daby v. The State of Mauritius (Appeal No.41 of 2007) Mauritius 13th October 2008
46. John McDonald v. Her Majesty's Advocate & Brendan Christopher Dixon v. Her Majesty's Advocate & Richard Blair v. Her Majesty's Advocate (Appeals No.23 24 & 26 of 2008) The High Court of Justiciary Scotland 16th October 2008
47. Alphie Subiah v. The Attorney General of Trinidad & Tobago (Appeal No.39 of 2007) Trinidad & Tobago 03rd November 2008

Finbar Gangar v. Her Worship Ejenny Espinet (Appeal No.53 of 2007)

Trinidad & Tobago 03rd November 2008
49. Mohammed Iqbal Callachand and Mohammed Anwar Callachand v. the State (Petition No. 44 of 2008) Mauritius

Reasons Given 26th September 2008

04th November 2008

50. Ashock Kumar Jugnauth v. Raj Direvium Nagaya Ringadoo (Appeal No.58 of 2007) Mauritius 05th November 2008
51. FBO 2000 (Antigua) Limited v. (1) Vere Cornwall Bird Jr (2) Attorney General of Antigua & Barbuda (3) Stanford Development Company (Appeal No.12 of 2008) Antigua & Barbuda 12th November 2008
52. Dattraya Panday v. The Judicial and Legal Services Commission (Appeal No.33 of 2007) Mauritius 01st December 2008
53. Adhinath Singh Lutchumum and Others v. Director General of the Mautitius Revenue Authority & Director General of the Mauritius Revenue Authority v. Adhinath Singh Lutchumum and Others (Appeals No.94 & 114 of 2006)  Mauritius 01st December 2008
54. Soomatee Gokool and others v. (1) Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life (2) The Public Service Commission (Appeal No.84 of 2007) Mauritius 02nd December 2008
55. Malcolm Johnatty v. The Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago and Malcolm Johnatty v. the Permanent secretary of the Ministry of Education (Appeals No.51 & 56 of 2007)   Trinidad & Tobago

Reasons Given the 04th November 2008

02nd December 2008


56. Director of Public Prosecutions v. Selena Varlack (Appeal No.23 of 2007)  British Virgin Islands 01st December 2008
57. Horace Fraser v. Judicial and Legal Services Commission (1) & Attorney General (2) (Appeal No.116 of 2006) Saint Lucia 03rd December 2008
58. Jean Claude Sammut and others v. Vincent Manzi and others (Appeal No.21 of 2007)  The Bahamas 04th December 2008
59. Felix Augustus Durity v. The Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago (Appeal No.83 of 2007) Trinidad & Tobago 08th December 2008
60. Sentinel International Limited v. Robert E. Cordes & Robert E. Cordes v. Sentinel International Limited (Appeal No.34 & 54 of 2007) The Bahamas 08th December 2008
61. Hilroy Humphries v. The Attorney General of Antigua and Barbuda (Appeal No.8 of 2008) Antigua and Barbuda

Reasons Given 06th October 2008

11th December 2008

62. Societe Alleck & Cie (tiltled as Societe Alleck and Co Ltd) v. The Indian Ocean International Bank (Appeal No.87 of 2007)  Mauritius 15th December 2008
63. George Frances Burns v. Her Majesty's Advocate (Appeal No.13 of 2008) High Court of Justiciary   15th December 2008
64. Roderick Alexander MacLeod v. Marcia Renee Kalb MacLeod (Appeal.89 of 2007) Isle of Man 17th December 2008

Judgments in Devolution Cases


No. Case names Origin Date of     Judgment


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